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Saturday, June 22, 2013

SUMMER FUN DAY 4, 5, & 6

Big Daddy took a few random days off to spend with the kids. This sort of changed our summer fun days plans but in a good way. We were able to get some things done around the house that winter wouldn't let us complete.

Day 4: Strawberry Jam
We made strawberry jam from fresh strawberries. They became bored during the cooking process but loved tasting it later. This was our first time making jam. It was EASY!! You just cut up the berries, throw them into a pot with some sugar and lemon juice, and cook until it turns into jam. You will need to stir it a lot and skim the foam stuff off the top. Super easy but sort of boring to the kids.
 You can still see the strawberries in this photo.
It is almost ready!!
Day 5:  Errands 
We ran errands. Very exciting. :-) The kids were happy to find some deals at the stores we shopped. We did find this neat farmer's stand near our home that fits how we are trying to eat. 

Day 6: Flag Day
We hit a few yard sales, made flags and went to the ribbon cutting ceremony for Creative Banners & Flags.  They even gave the kids a nice flag for coming. Ella was thrilled to meet Zombie Dogz. My daughter is into anything to do with ZOMBIES, food, and animals, esp. dogs. This was right up her alley. My son enjoyed the weird names they have for their hot dogs. Here is their menu. Check out the names and the toppings. The kids and I had a Calling  In Dead, and my husband had a Juan of the Dead. I completely forgot to take a photo of the hot dogs. They were huge and yummy! Here is a photo of the kids by their truck.

The USA Flag on the left was given to the kids.
My husband bought the Union Jack for my shelf.

 Ella's flag for her room.

Alex's flag for his room.

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