My Family, The Main People (or Victims) I Knit For

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Sunday & Monday.

  Just a few little things to share with you. Sunday was a lazy family day. We really needed a day just to spend together. We watched the movie, Avatar. The movie was ok, would have been better if they had used less potty words. My husband & I watched, Drag Me to Hell, after the kids went to bed. Honestly, it was a horrible waste of time. Do bother to rent it, even if you have netflix. :)
  Monday was a great day. My son had an occupational therapy session for his hands. He hit an AWESOME milestone while there & we couldn't be prouder of him. I couldn't stop praising him the rest of the day!! We ran some errands after his session. One of those was stopping to pick up some flowers for a family friend's birthday. My husband decided it would be better to get a big tomato plant that came in pot, that didn't need to be replanted, instead of flowers. He felt that the tomato plant would be more practical that flowers that would die after a week or so. I try to disagree, saying that our female friend would rather have flowers. I was wrong & my husband was correct. This. never. happens. Mark it down now. lol Our family friend was thrilled with the tomato plant. Our kids were so happy that she was happy!! They love visiting with her, her husband, their dogs, and the fish & frogs that live in their backyard pond. Plus, she spoils them with attention and love. Our friend made a big deal out of my son's milestone from his session. That made him feel so special! Even tho it was her birthday, she treated the kids to ice cream. The kids love ice cream from this little Mama and Pop shop, call Dixie Dairy Dreem. Here is a pic of it. Pretty yummy stuff.

     Here is a pic of the flower that bloomed in our friend's pond. My daughter was loved that it was pink! My son said it had bloomed because it was our friend's birthday. He gets the nice mushy side from his loving dad. :)

On the knitting front, I have learned how to cast on with just one needle. I always thought it would be hard to learn, so I never tried it. Boy was I wrong, okay second time in one day. lol It was pretty easy. Also learn out to increase without leaving a hole!!! To celebrate I took my daughter to pick out some yarn to make this shirt for her.Summer Top I was a little shocked by her choice in color. It was blue. She never picks blue because it's a "super gross boy color". Her choices usually involve any shade of pink( esp. hot pink), purple, pink/brown combo, anything that shimmers or has glitter mixed in. Side note- knitting with glitter covered yarn that your daughter made just for you is brutal on the hands, needles, and the wearer of the knitted item. lol I hope the shirt turns out correctly. Heck as long as it turns out some what wearable around the house, she will be happy. Wish me luck & Happy Knitting!!