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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Fun Day 7 & 8

Day 7: Bringing Life Back!

The daughter wanted a veggie garden. She worked hard to pick what she wanted to grow, started her seedlings inside, and talked her dad into it. 23ft long and 6ft wide. Someone has their daddy wrapped around their pinky finger. LOL! Then Mummy put her seedlings outside for the day while she was cleaning and forgot to water them. They died in the direct sun. Only the corn and tomato seedlings made it. All the other 50 plus seedlings bit the dust. We went to the gardening center to pick up some new seedlings since my daughter was crying over the death of her hard work. I think my husband wanted to cry with her because he had already helped bring in the organic dirt by the dirt load, twice. I tilled it so I understood their pain. :-) Here are some photos of the veggie garden.
There are over 50 of these containers and some other starters in pots.

 Ella started to dig the outline. I helped her.

Stopping to save another worm for her compost bin.

 Now it has been tilled, boxed, caged, and covered.

Dirt has been added.
 Starters and seeds planted. It looks bare but some of the seeds started to show after three days.

 Starters and seeds planted.

 The first pepper from the garden. Ella was thrilled!
 Day 8: Lazy Father's Day
After a child made breakfast for Big Daddy, we did nothing but play video games and watch movies because it one of the last days of Daddy's mini vacation and Father's Day!! The kids liked the unlimited screen time with their father. I am not sure anyone even got out of their night clothes. :-)

For my crafting friends:
Here is a photo of the blanket I am currently working on.

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