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Friday, March 7, 2014

Knitting Behind Bars

I am proud of all the good that Lynn Zwerling is doing with Knitting Behind Bars. She is using knitting therapy to help prisoners deal with stress while helping charities at the same time. The prisoners only make hats. They are allowed to keep their first hat or send it home. The rest of the hats go to need children. The prisoners feel they are doing good after doing some horrible things. Some even skip dinner or extra earned privileges to attend the two hour once a week meeting. Check out this news story about them.Knitting Behind Bars ABC Here is another news story: ABCNEWS

 You can read about it on their blog: or on their FB page:

They can not accept donations of yarn or needles because of the strict rules applied by the prison but are allowed to accept monetary donations. You can find the paypal on their blog.