My Family, The Main People (or Victims) I Knit For

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby bibs!!

Some close family friends of ours welcomed into their family, preemie triplets on Easter Day!!! All of them are healthy and home already!! Of course, this just gives me three new wonderful reasons to knit!! It turns out that there are about 35 babies born or to be born this year between family and friends. I am sooooo not drinking the water around here! ;) Since I am trying new knitting projects, I decided not to knit a bunch of baby blanets, but instead bibs. The top photo is the first one I have ever made. Used this pattern Simple Baby Bib Simple Baby Bib. The second one is based on that pattern but instead of knit all rows, it was changed to Row 1:* K1, P1* repeat to the last stitch, K1, Row 2: K across. The last one is of a Pug. The triplets's grandparents have a pug. Maybe I should say, they are owned by a pug and also a minpin. LOL! I used this dishcloth pattern PugPug and added the bib strap to it. I held up the top bib to one of the triplets this past weekend, before the strap was stitched to the bib. The bib was still a little big, but they will grow into them in no time. I'll try to make sure to get a pic of them modeling the bibs this weekend. Happy Knitting!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shawl & Cleaning out leftover yarn

   I finished the play shawl for my daughter. It matches a headband that I made( & blogged about) earlier for her. The arrows are to point out the holes that the YO (yarn over increase) made. Not the best job, yet not the worst job on it. My daughter wants to pick out some interesting yarn for her next shawl. She said something pink and super girly. Coming from a 5 yr old tomboy, this could make for an very odd yarn choice. lol

  I wanted to use some of my little leftover yarn balls. To my daughter's delight, she received a bunch of bracelets and a new headband. Good day to be her, bad day to be left over yarn. LOL! The last photo is over a candle topper. It's basically a little hat for the glass topper of a Yankee candle. This candle sits on the bottom shelf of my coffee table, that I rest my feet on while knitting. Sick of looking at the boring candle, I made it more appealing to the eye. Now my husband thinks I am a little crazy. I cant believe he is just now figuring that out. ;)  Might just have to start knitting little hats for other items in the house to see what he has to say about that. Once he has me committed, I just blog from the funny farm. Happy Knitting!!