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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Crafting Toy!

While researching ball/yarn winders, I came across this:

Since I had no clue how to use it or what it was even called, I asked my fellow crafting friends. My one crafty friend said it was called a Nostepinde, nystepinne and/or nostepinne. The last way is how I have seen it the most lately. I have found youtube videos and links on how to use it. There are even people that have made their own. Apparently there are different styles of nosterpinnes and a few different ways to wind yarn on them. Most people wind yarn cakes on them. Yarn cakes are the flat balls of yarn, sort of like Peaches N Cream balls.  I am hoping to learn how to use this in order to get my stash in control. This is one of the youtube videos that will be my guide. How to Wind a ball of yarn on the nostepinne. The lady in the video just says like a fun lady to be around. One of my kids giggled at the beginning of the video because she said some along the of nice flat balls. Enjoy and as always, Happy Knitting!