My Family, The Main People (or Victims) I Knit For

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

A little knitting fun for Mother's Day! It's called The Last Knit. It's about when knitting becomes an obsession. Enjoy!


I finished 2 more dish/washcloths for my mum. Yes, she does enjoy a glass of wine from time to time ;) The first one was neat but the word CHEERS shows up 10x better in the photo than it does in person. . Here is the pattern/credit for that one.( I found it first on The second one is just of a simple glass. Here is the pattern/credit for it. I had to cut out a few rows at the end because I was running out of yarn. Weird that they both came out from the same skein but the coloring is different in the pics. Happy Knitting!



Friday, May 7, 2010

First Mini Bobble Attempt

I decide to be adventurous and attempt a mini bobble. There are so many cute dishcloths/washcloths and baby related patterns that call for mini bobbles. Normally I would skip those patterns and just feel like a knitting knitkwit but that all changed because my mum asked for a Dalek dishcloth. It is a character from a show, Doctor Who. The only pattern that I could find on Ravelry had mini bobbles. Shudder.. sigh... but as most of you know, you will do pretty much anything for your mum. Even when it come to a scary yarn bobble. lol After many failed attempts of trying to figure out the tricky mini bobble on my own, watching two youtube videos, and a few colourful words later, I had one semi good looking mini bobble!!!
My first mini bobble (Please hold the applause lol) It's hard to see but I am proud of it. The rest of the photos are of a tea cup dishcloth with flowers that are mini bobbles. Next project will be the Dalek. Wish me luck and Happy Knitting!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Best Knitting Book

Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book (1989)
By Vogue Knitting Magazine
(This publication is out of print)
I was asked what my favorite knitting book was yesterday. Easy question to answer. The above knitting book, aka My Knitting Bible, is wonderful resource for anything and everything about knitting. I use the stitch dictionary and the correcting errors chapter regularly. My copy was a wonderful gift from my Aunt Sue in 1995. Although the book is out of print, it can be found on ebay and other similar selling sites. Hope you will have the pleasure of reading and using it.
Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I found so many free patterns for some neat dishclothes/washclothes on Ravelry. I decide to be brave and try one. Oh my goodness, fair warning, knitting these are so addicting!! This very slow knitter can complete one in a day. Here are the first few that I made.

Skull for my son Kitty for my daughter

Apple for a teacher

Winnie the Pooh look a like
for my friend.
When I showed this to my husband, he said, "Oh gross, that is a dirty dishcloth." I said, "What? Where?" He laughed and said, "It has poo all over it." He thinks he is oh so funny. lol
Credits for the patterns:

Lil Bunny

Very easy and very quick. Made the first one for my daughter out of left over baby yarn. Still need to add the tail. Since I always have yarn left over from the baby blankets that I make for my friends, going to use it to make a matching bunny. Finally something cute to make out of that left over yarn!! The link to the pattern. This lady even has how to step by step photos! Those photos were very helpful for knitters like me! Happy Knitting!


This is a super simple pattern and super cute!! My daughter loves them, apparently her stuff animals do as well. And of course I used Ohio State colors! Go Bucks!! This pattern is called Pretty Bow Headband by Anna Bushong (found on Happy Knitting!

My daughter is modeling the first one that was completed!

Sleeping Bags- 1st project

My first project off of This was a quick and easy project. My daughter is using the red sleeping bag for her beanie baby animals. My son is using his blue one for a special beanie bear. This would be an easy pattern to change for a larger doll/animal. Here is the link to the pattern. Happy Knitting!

I decided to start a knitting blog. Mainly because it seems like everyone else on has one and it seems like fun. Hopefully it will be . We will see, wont we? lol Happy Knitting!