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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simple DIY

We use our small dry erase boards daily for math and spelling lessons. The kids were always looking for the big erasers for the boards. For some reason the erasers are the one school item my kids fail to put away. I have found them under the couches, desks, and microwave stand while vacuuming. I tried taping a sandwich bag to the back of the boards to store the erasers. One of my kids couldn't stand the feel of the bag when he used the board on his lap. The other child thought the bag make the board unbalanced when she used it on the floor or the desk. I told my kids to figure out some else to use to clear the boards that wasn't a paper towel the last time all the erasers escaped the school room. They looked in the school supplies and picked out big pom poms that were left over from a craft project. LIGHT BULB!! I hot glued the medium size pom poms on the end of the markers. Problem solved! No more eraser hunts!! Here is a photo of the ones we are currently using. I thought it was an awesome idea that needed to be shared with others on Pinterest only to find out that teachers have been doing this for a while. Oh well, I felt like a super mum for a minute at least!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School Room & Garden Update

This is just a photo update on the garden and one side of the school area.

 Two of our cork boards. We hang flashcards in bags so we can grab them when leaving the house.
The artwork above the right corkboard is by a friend of mine, Melody. Here is her site: & FB page:  Karm Lotus Photography My kids like to look at nature photos during the winter months when everything is gloomy outside. Her photo is a refocusing tool for us.

 Our central file cabinet. We hang out daily chore schedules, family calendar,
family daily schedule, and a few other important papers on the front of the cabinet with magnets. All papers are in a clear pocket protector. 

 Top Drawer: Extra Supplies 
Third Drawer: School Supplies from the School.
 Mainly Math, Science, and Music.
 Fourth Drawer: I placed two milk crates in the drawer to divide the books and binders by child.
I hole punch all workbook pages and place them in binders. I will show you why in a post about how we organize our school day.

 Pledge of Allegiance sign that we made about 7 years ago. :-)
 The Planets fit nicely over the door way.

 The kids are VERY excited that our corn is growing. There are four starts on them!
Another Pumpkin!

Peppers are starting to grow!
I forgot to take photos of our radishes, cucumbers, and carrots.
The next group of photos are just of the garden as it grows.