My Family, The Main People (or Victims) I Knit For

About the Knitwit Knitter

Update About Me: This blog is slightly changing from just knitting to anything and everything about  my crafting side related to knitting, holiday crafts, homeschooling, and anything that I might find amusing. This should be fun for all of us. ;-) I am a SAHM that homeschools thru an online charter school. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, crafting, and so much more!

Past About Me:This blog will be about my journey into knitting. I have been knitting for years but never really have gone past making scarves, baby blankets, and other basic knitting projects. My family and friends can only enjoy getting so many scarves and blankets. LOL! My Aunt Sue suggested that I check out What a wonderful place, full of patterns, ideas, and help from fellow knitters! That is where almost all my knitting patterns/project ideas will come from. Hopefully you will enjoy the blog! Happy Knitting!