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Friday, June 25, 2010

Today is "RUSH DAY" !!

Today is "Rush Day" for the Sisters in the Bloggerette Sorority! Karen from Some Days Are Diamonds is the host of the sorority!! The Rush project was to do something with the sorority photo below. Only rule was to include a photo of ourself! Since my printer is working agaisnt me right now, I did my project on the computer with photos from my backyard. Hopefully the printer will decide to like me again and I can print and share another rush project soon. I cant wait to start looking thru all the other sisters's projects!  And as always, Happy Knitting!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dairy Farm, Yarn & Teapot find, and Knitting Update

Since it was been a week since my last posting, (I know all of you are having withdrawal from my blog lol) here are a few tidbits. This could be a little long, grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or whatever floats your boat.

My friend, Teri, and I decided to be brave & take 6 kids on little field trip. 4 of the kids were ones that she watches during the day, the other 2 were mine own offspring. The fun filled field trip (ha, say that 5x fast) included a trip to a muddy playground, that we quickly changed into a mini nature hike to keep the kids from turning into MudMonsters, which ended up on a muddy trail. The two younger kids, 2 & 3 yrs old, had to be half dragged thru the mud so they wouldn't stink & never be heard from again. Okay, it wasn't that bad. That hike was my idea, I have had been ones. lol  After the relaxing walk, we had a little picnic. For some unknown reason there was a horrible funky odor in the air. Made for a sweet eating eviroment. lol The littlest boy kept saying, almost half asking, "We eat outside." He was very amusing by this! In order to escape the mystery odor, we visited the local dairy farm to visit the cows & goats. Yes, we are normally bright people & yes, we know we were really just trading smells but the animal aroma was tons better than the repulsive picnic scent . The kids enjoy visiting the animals and eating yummy fresh icecream. If you are ever in Southwest Ohio, you should check Young's Dairy There are other things to do there, batting cages, putt-putt, driving range, and the list could go on and on. There were only a few faceless pics that I could share.

Next thing to share is an impressive thrift store find! We stopped at this thrift store because they always have great deals on children's books. My little book junkies needed their fix. Guess what I saw hanging on hooks above the shelves? Yarn!!! Little bags of yarn! These bags had different groups of yarn in them for AWESOME prices! One bag just had one skein of chenille yarn in it for $.49. How cool is that?? One of the bags had two sets of knitting needles and some buttons mixed in with the yarn. Score!! Oh it gets better, the mega bonus was that everything in the store was 25% off the marked price. Here are some pics of the all yarn that came home with me for $6.00.

My husband found a little tea pot at the thrift store as well. A monkey in a clown outfit. It is ugly, not painted correctly, heck slightly scary even but I LOVE it!! lol It fits right into my small collection of tea pots. .  Of course you are going to be subjected to some pics of my collection. Here are my favorites. All but one have been found at yard sale, church sale, etc... Nothing is better than finding a great deal!

 Ok, last thing. Yes, the end of this long blog post is coming!! It's an update on the summer top that I spoke about in my last post, Our Sunday& Monday. The back is finished. I sort of messed up the decreasing in the yoke but it hard to notice. Since it's the back and my daughter doesn't ever sit still, no one else will be able to notice!! Here are two more pics. I am off to work on the front of the top. Happy Knitting!!