My Family, The Main People (or Victims) I Knit For

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goodness, I have been gone for awhile

Goodness, I have been gone for awhile. Miss me?? I know you have! lol In the last month or so, my family & I have moved. That is a huge task but thankfully we only have about 5 boxes left to unpacked. Packing, unpacking, cleaning both houses, organizing, and homeschooling the children at the same time was a fun challenge! Knitting kept me sane doing all the fun! I have made a few dishcloths for my kids, worked on two baby blankets, and finished some other projects. The baby blankets are slowing moving along. I really need to crack down on them because one of the babies is already here and the other one is due next week. Sigh.. I wish there were more hours in a day or that I had an extra set of arms. Who I am kidding, the extra set of arms would mean more knitting projects that are half way finished. lol Enjoy the photos of the two dishcloths that I knitted for my kids. The first two photos are the same washcloth, a min pin dog. The true color is seen in the first one, the design is better seen in the second one. The last photo is a Transformer. My son loved it! As always, Happy Knitting!