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Friday, July 9, 2010

Pink Saturday & Knitting Update

Pink Saturday is tomorrow!!! I had so much fun visiting other blogs and seeing them get their pink on!!! (My 9 yr old told me to type that. lol) Want to join in the pink fun, head over to How Sweet The Sound's Blog! My pink is this sign that was a gift from my anti pink friend, Teri. I love the saying!!!! You can say it to so many different people for so many different reasons! I have received some strange looks and funny answers from my male friends when saying this to them. My husband included. lol Happy Pink Saturday!

Now for the knitting update:

The kids and dogs haven't been able to play outside for the last few days due to a small heat wave here in southwest Ohio. Which means more knitting time inside.!!! I have finished a few items. I made a hat for a Christmas gift, from this pattern, using Lion Boucle yarn. Easy pattern but the yarn & I didn't really like one another. It was a little hard to knit with at times and kept breaking while I was stitching up the seams. Another item off the needles was a shawl to match the suntop that I made for my daughter. Any excuse to use one of my favorite cotton yarns, Peaches & Creme. Lastly, I sadly report the death of the horrible purple baby blanket. It just wasn't turning out correctly. I am now using the yarn in a new baby blanket pattern. This one will be half pink and half purple. Please keep your fingers & toes crossed that this one turns out because the sweet baby girl this is for will join the world in early November and I have other items that I would love to knit for her.  As always, Happy Knitting!

Roll brim hat style

The matching shawl

The start of the pink half of the blanket. Just realized that it looks like the shawl in this picture but it doesn't in real life.