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Friday, June 21, 2013

SUMMER FUN DAY 1, 2, & 3

Today kicked off our 77 days of summer fun! The kids are on break for roughly 77 days. I would love to do something special or a little different for each one of those days. Hopefully I will update the blog nightly so you can try some of the ideas as well! Please share any ideas that you may have!!

Day 1:  Vases
 Alex's, Daddy's, Ella's

It was Daddy's day off. The kids wanted to do the summer fun craft with Daddy. They used the eraser end of a pencil to make acrylic paint dots on vases from the Dollar Store. Once you are finished with your masterpiece, place it in a cool oven, preheat to 350, and  turn off the oven after 30 minutes. Leave the vases in the oven until they are cool. 

Day 2: Giant Cookie Day. 

I asked the kids for a few ideas for the Summer Fun List 2013. My son wanted to have a GIANT Cookie Day. I asked him why and he replied "Why not?" So, why not have a giant cookie day! :-) 

We ran errands, hit the library, and watched a movie called, Parental Guidance. It was a cute family movie.

Day 3: Homemade Butter

We made butter. It was not as fun as one would think. We put heavy cream in a clear jar and shook it for 20-25 minutes. It tasted great. We added cinnamon to the second batch. It was very yummy but I knocked down the drain. Bummer.

For my crafting friends: I finished the July 4th Blanket. Here is a shot of the edging.
As always, happy crafting!

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