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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bibs again!

Two more bibs for the triplets that were mentioned in an earlier post. I am really enjoying making bibs right now. It's very addicting!!  Here are the links & credits for the patterns, Baby Bib 1  & Baby Bib 2. The second set of photos are of one of the triplets modeling the bibs. I put a smiley face over his face out of respect for his family & of course him. He is a cutie, so are his sisters! As you can see the small infant bib is slightly big on him. Him & his sisters are just 7 weeks old, so they have loads of time to grow into the bibs.  The second photo of the little guy cracks me up! I was trying to snap a photo of him with the pug bib(Pug for earlier post) but he kept "hugging" it. I gave up on trying to take photos. If anyone has any simple, fun, or a favorite baby bib pattern, please share! Happy Knitting!