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Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday, I'm a Winner, & Knitting Update.

Happy Pink Saturday, Ladies!!! Pink Saturdays are hosted by How Sweet the Sound.  My pink for today is something I won! Happy dance time! The blog contest was held at Fishing and Wishing. The blog has daily contest. Check it out sometime. The prize was three custom homemade soaps from SassySoaps1184. She has a Etsy store at SassySoaps1184. Her prices are pretty reasonable, I think anyway. Two of the soaps were pink!!! They were a Pink Strapless Corset Dress Soap and a Pink Rose Soap. The third soap is huge! It's a water lily!! All three smell lovely and came in cute little bags. I'm sharing blurry pics because I couldnt get them to turn out correctly. Grrrrr.... at the camera because it couldn't be the user's fault! lol SassySoaps1184 has way better pics on her page.
Thanks to Fishing & Wishing & SassySoaps for the prize!

On the knitting front- I have finished a few more bibs. So hooked on the bibs right now, that my husband said he is starting to get worried. hehehehe No more babies for us. I think he forgot that we have tons of pregnant friends. At last count, we have about 42 babies coming into this world this year thru friends and family. That might be why my husband makes sure I drink bottle water instead of the local tap water. LOL!!! Also working on a cat blanket for Crafting Sunshine. The yarn was donated to them as well. As always, Happy Knitting!!