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Monday, October 7, 2013

More School Area Photos

Here are some more photos of our school area. The first set of photos of other parts of our school area are posted here, School Room & Garden Update.

 My son's desk

 My daughter's desk
 Shelves between the desks. Top shelf holds our flashcard box. 
The next shelf is our outgoing box; like box tops, papers to be scanned, mail, items that needed returned, etc..
Each child has a yellow bucket with their daily needed items;  rulers, glue, crayons, etc.
The red and yellow pails hold pencils.
The last two shelves hold the printer/scanner and teacher guides.
 The white rolling table is used by a child when I need to use their computer to enter a lesson. I use it a lot when they need me close.

 My son's desk again. You can see their weekly goal dry board hanging on the side of the shelf unit.
I put how many lessons in each subject they need to complete by the end of the week. It helps us a lot!!
The side of my desk. The corkboard now holds our days of the week signs. 
The small shelf unit is for their daily work. Each shelf has one lesson. The kids start at the top and work their way down. It helps them focus, know how much they need to complete, and stops them from looking for assignments. We also use a binder system.
This is the only time you will see my desk look this clean. The top of it has shelves for my crafts, school books, sewing pile, and a everything else that doesn't seem to have a place in the house.

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