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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Smores & Meteor Showers

We decided to stay up all night to watch for meteors. The kidlets lasted until about 1am. We started off with a bonfire and smores. I will use ANY reason to have smores. Meteor Shower = smores, right? We saw a few of them but nothing like we thought we would see. The night wasn't a total loss because of the ghost stories the kids made up and because of the SMORES (I really like them)!!

 My son

  My daughter

Someone fell sleep.

A few weeks ago we watched the space station float by. That was totally awesome! It looked a like a huge star. It only lasted for 9 minutes but was worth it. My husband didn't agree that we needed to use the firepit for it. I know he knew I was using the whole watching the station as an excuse for smores. Darn man knows me too well! :-)

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