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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Front Door Sign

We have been schooling at home for over seven years. Family and friends still think we are available anytime of the day. They knock on our door and become upset when we do not answer. I am not going to stop a lesson to answer the door for an unexpected visitor during our school day. You can not randomly visit a child during a school day whether they school at home or at a brick and mortar school. My kids will lose focus when people interrupts our day. Focusing is a huge issue for my kids, which is one of the many reasons we school at home. I decide to post a sign on our door because NO ONE was listening when we asked them not to stop by during school time. Neighbors couldn't understand why we sometimes school during the late afternoons after taking a field trip during the name. One neighborhood girl would knock every 10 mins to play with my daughter. I tried a few different signs but people still knocked on the door, then the window, and finally would yell, "It's ME!" even when the knock asked people not to knock. :-) Here is a photo of last year's sign and this year's sign. Only one person from the power company knocked today to tell me that she saw our sign but want to knew if there was a better time to come back because she is selling a new service.  Silly lady, never knock on a door that you can hear kids and dogs behind and think the frazzled mum is going to be happy that you saw the sign but knocked anyway. She will probably never come back to this house or down our street again. Homeschool/Eschool families: I slide the sign into a clear pocket holder. The holder is taped on the door. It is easier to slide it in and out of holder than type the sign up everyday.

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