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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Fun Day 15

I saw this neat idea on the show called, The Chew. Here is a video clip of the hosts completing the project. The Video Clip You will need to prep for this project over night by filling a tin can with water & freezing it. DO NOT fill the tin can all the way to the top. You will need to hammer the bottom of the can straight again because it will bulge out a little. Next you put dots in a pattern on the can with a permanent marker. Take a hammer and a nail to poke out the holes. You do need to do this sort of quickly because once the ice starts to melt you will have a hard time poking the holes without denting the can. Put a small candle in the can once all the holes have been completed and the ice removed. Pretty simple and simply pretty.

Summer Fun Day 15: Poking Holes

 The Bulge
It is getting there!!
The 'E'
 The 'E' with a candle.

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