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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last Day of School 06-07-2013

Yesterday was the last day of school! We eschool at home through a public school using computers. My kids, Alex and Ella, both have teachers and a full course load. I am also their teacher which is called a Learning Coach. Here is my Facebook post from yesterday.
                 " is the last day of school...giggle..... I was so happy thinking about this morning until the kids started singing, "No more pencils, No more books, No more teacher’s dirty looks." hmmmm....... the teacher was not amused.  One child is happy not to have to deal with his "real" teacher anymore this year. The other child has been crying off and on because she will have a new teacher next year and will NEVER EVER get to talk to her teacher again. LOL! Who said kids can not love their virtual teachers just like a B&M teacher. This teacher is going to return to issuing dirty looks at the kids. I do not want them to miss it too much. hehehehehe"

Once we finished up all the paperwork for the school year, we played the board game, Doctor Dreadful Scabs N' Guts Board Game. It is an educational science board game with gross facts. The kids loved it and giggled through the whole game. The rest of the day was free time. They did their own things.

My husband and I thought it would be sweet to end the day with a special treat. We took the kids to Ritter's for some frozen custard. We normally follow a strict bedtime routine and going out after bedtime was neat to them. You have to try their frozen custard if you have never had it. 

For my crafting friends

Here is a photo of a blanket that I am crocheting. I found the pattern on Pinterest. It is so simple. You just hold three strands of yarn while doing a simple/basic crochet stitch using a P hook. That is it. Happy Knitting, err....Crocheting! 

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