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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My dogs, Knitting, and Tomorrow

I was trying to take a few photos of the kids & the dogs yesterday. I swear in every shot they turned their heads. All four of them! Stinkers! Since I do not post face pics of my kids, here are the dogs. Zoey, the bigger dog, is very loving and very, very calm & mellow. The other dog is Rocky. While he is loving, he sure isnt mellow! He ran around the yard for a full 30mins before he realized that no one else was playing the same game that was going on in his head!   I know that Zoey just sitting there, laughing at him &shaking her head while saying, "What an idiot!".

I did finish a dishcloth that I was making for a friend that need a little pick me up. Not going to post any pics of it until she receives it in the mail. Also, on day 3 of the KAL dishcloth. Still can not tell what the pattern is yet. Hopefully it will show more tomorrow.

Tomorrow's post will be a little different. Check in to see why. Happy Knitting!


Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Your dogs may just prefer profile shots; that way, double chins are disguised!! Cute!

gibknitty said...

love the dogs. so cute!