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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Fun Day 10 & 11

We saw this really neat idea on Pinterest. You bend wires to make a 3D drawing. The lady said to use 24 gauge craft wire. I thought floral wire would work the same because wire is wire. HA! The floral wire was easier to bend but didn't hold the shape of the object well. Here is the link for the lady's blog post on how to CORRECTLY do this project. Draw with Wire!

Day 10 ~ Wire Fun

Our stars did stand up! 

My kids saw an artist throw paint against different backdrops and across walls. They wanted to try it. I all could think about was the mess it would create. PERMANENT MESS!! I decided to let them fill balloons with paint then throw them at paper in a box. I am the master of controlled mess. We laughed so much during this project because the darn balloons would not pop. The baby that stays with us during the day was giggling so hard that we had to stop so she could breathe. :-) The balloons bounced out of the box many times. More giggles. I thought the kids were not throwing them hard enough so I tried with no luck. We moved the box from the grass to the driveway. Even more giggles from all of us. I put a rough rock in the box for the kids to hit their balloons against. Nothing. We put the balloons in the box and threw the rock at them. The first time the silly rock bounced back out. My kids and the baby exploded with loud laughter unlike the balloons The rock finally poked a tiny hole in each balloon. The kids squeezed the paint out and were able to throw a little paint. This took over an hour because the kids would not give up. I was a little worn out from all the throwing. Their paintings are now proudly hanging in their rooms. 

Day 11: Balloon Painting, sort of.
 Ella's art.

 Alex's art.

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