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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Plants from a 5yr old point of view.

Here are some pics of the starter plants I mentioned a couple post back. These came from a high school friend of mine, Becca, who is very into her garden. She put some quick labels on them. The label pics are a little blurry but I have to share them with you. Here are the pics and what my 5 yr old daughter thought they really meant.

Label: Burger Stood for: a type of tomato
Daughter Thoughts :real hamburgers were going to grow.

Label: Banana Stood for: Banana Peppers
Daughter Thoughts: excited to grow real bananas & thought she might be able to talk daddy into getting a monkey, because after all, we could feed it our own bananas!

Label: 4th of July Stood for: type of tomato & when they would be ready.
Daughter Thoughts: FIREWORKS!!!! She was actually dancing around & cheering. When I informed her of the truth, she just said, "That would have been so cool, Mummy, right?" lol

Label: Pumpkins  
Daughter thought: "What does this label really mean?", she said it with a little disgust, like she couldn't trust those mean, misleading labels anymore.LOL! I wish I could have got a video of her talking to share with all of you. Pretty funny. I told her that these would actually grow pumpkins. She just looked at me. I told her that Ms.Becca thought it would neat for her and her brother to grow their own pumpkins for Halloween. Another little happy dance for her! Now the daughter wakes me up very, very early to check on her plants. She was claimed them as all hers because she looks more like a farmer in overalls than her brother. lol He just rolls his eyes at her. Such love can only exist between siblings. I am sure there will be tons of pics to share as these grow. I will try to get one with her sporting her "farmer" overalls. Thanks again to Becca for sharing with the kids!!

On the knitting front, working on finishing up a few small projects. Even the horrible purple-ish blanket. Happy Knitting!


Sara said...

Awww! Cute story! Thanks for sharing.

Priscilla said...

Great plants! And I love your daughters imagination! That would have been cool, fireworks growing on a plant.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

So cute is your daughters imagination ! Well of course you have to get a pet monkey if you have a banana tree !!!

Becca said...

That is so sweet! Thank you! I love it!!! :)