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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just A Peachy Day!

Nothing special went on today which means it was just a peachy day!! The weather took a break from raining, the grass & ground dried out, the temps drop to the high 60's/low 70's, there was a slight breeze, and a tons of sun!!! I helped the kids make a play tent in the backyard. The boy claim his side a clubhouse for his tribe of airbenders. The girl said her side was a science lab with a loo and a kitty house.  They really amuse me! After a few hours of quiet play, all heck broke lose when the boy's tribe decided to declare war, with a hose, on the head kitty & take over her lab for evil experiments. It ended with two kids, sitting in their rooms, one soaked mummy who became a human shield for the head kitty (sort of not by choice) and the dismantlement of their tent.  Honestly, I almost enjoyed taking down the tent. Thought of Momzilla came to mind. lol The worst part of all, I swear my dogs were laughing during this from the other, safe, side of the yard. Traitors. During those few precious hours of peaceful, well now looking back at it, more like the eye of the storm. So peaceful & calm, then BAM!! lol I was able to finish knitting this pretty round dishcloth that I started last night and take a few photos of the cool clouds that were above my house. Really today was a very good day. My kids & I were able to just hang out, relax, and be silly with one another. That makes for a peachy day! Enjoy the photos and as always, Happy Knitting!!



Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Beautiful clouds! You are a quick knitter!! The dishcloth in a day? WOW!

dinah34 said...

what a sky! it doesn't even look real it's so clear.

Anonymous said...

Pretty blue sky and clouds. I like your round cloth you knit. I think I've done that pattern, too.

Teri and Chuck said...

Awesome clouds!
I got the same yarn to make dish clothes with...imagine that!