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Friday, May 14, 2010

Yarn Over Increase

I am already bored with the horrible purple baby blanket. That didn't take long. lol It was suggested that I finally learn how to do a correct yarn over increase. I found an easy shawl pattern that calls just for that. Here is the pattern from ravelry and the youtube video that she posted with the pattern. The video was very helpful!! I finally figured out what was going wrong with my yarn over increase. Instead of knitting the next stitch, I was doing a purl stitch. It has only years of doing it incorrectly. There was a little happy dancing going on here yesterday. lol I am also posting a progress photo of the shawl. Hopefully it will be completed soon. Happy Knitting!!


AC said...

I feel your pain on not understanding the YO increase. I spent my first (at least) month of knitting not understanding that it mattered whether the yarn was in front or back...I kept getting mysterious increases & holes.

Margot said...

Just gave you a "cool" for this. It worked!

Thea said...

Yay happy dances and figuring things out!